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2022         Art Maze Mag, Issue 26

                 Hole and Corner Issue 22 'Family'

                 The 2021 Ingram Prize and the Accessibility of Contemporary Art

                 Elemmental Online Magazine, by Danielle Cruz

2021         Formeuniche, by Mario Gatti

                 Artforum, critic picks, Gasp at ADA by Marta Silvi

                 Israeli Culture - Ковры, коты и пророчества – шесть выставок в Герцлийском музее современного искусства

                 Haartez, Gallery

                 Artlog, Kunstbulletin, The Sun and The Moon

                 Crafts issue 287: March/April 2021

                 Horst und edeltraut, March 2021

                 a-n’s 40th anniversary celebrations. Artists Newsletter #2


                 Figure Figure, conversation with Anna Perach

                 Artist Mother Podcast, episode 84

2020         Das pure Gold, WirtschaftsWoche today

                 Chats in Lockdown, a Podcast of artists talking together

                 Decorating Dissidence, Craft Culture,

                 A Creative Conversation: Stephanie Ruth & Anna Perach


                 Calvert Journal, Step into the outlandish world of wearable carpet sculptures,

                 where Slavic mythical characters come alive.

                 Floorr Magazine issue 24, artist interview

                 Procreate Project- M.A.M.A Publication, issue 40

2019         The Art Gorgeous, 10 Female Textiles Artists

                 You Should Know

                 FOA (friend of the artist) Volume 10, Texas, US

                 The Mother Art Prize 2019, exhibition catalogue, London, UK

2018         Cherryboy #4 / The Strange Within, London, UK

                 Young Lynxes Portfolio Competition,

                 Contemporary Lynx online magazine

2016         Intimate Treasures, Textile & Fiber Jewelry Exhibition

                 catalogue, Textile Arts Factory, Thessaloniki, Greece

                 Hand Maid exhibition catalogue, An exhibition in aid of

                 International Women’s Day, Sweet Art, Hoxton Arches,

                 London, UK

2007         Artsession 2007: Contemporary Israeli Artists from Russia

                 - catalogue edited by Zeek

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